What are the Standard Bank Credit Cards that are available?

There are quite a few creditcards available from Standard Bank. I’m sure you’d say that “there’s a credit card that suits everyone!”.

So, here’s a quick rundown of what credit cards there are:

Blue Credit Card

The basic card where you only need to earn R3,500 a month to qualify (along with the basic requirements of being 18 or older and a South African citizen).

Gold Credit Card

For this card you only need to be earning R10,000 or more a month.

Private Banking Credit Card

You need a special invitation for this credit card.

Nope, I haven’t received one yet. 😛

Garage Card (Petrol Card)

As Standard Bank says, it’s a secondary card that is available when you get any other card.

British Airways Credit Cards

For this you need to be earning R18,000 or more each month.

Orlando Pirates credit card

Based on the Blue Credit Card above, you only need to earn a minimum R3,5000 a month.

Corporate Credit Card

You only need to be earning R10,000 a month.

Which Credit Card is best for you?

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