Titanium Credit Card from Standard Bank

A cool sounding credit card, but not for you cheapos out there.


  • You earn R25 000 per month (or more)
  • You are over 18 OR You earn over R 5 000 per month and hold both a 3-year undergraduate and postgraduate degree
  • You pass a credit check

Some of the cool features of this credit card:

  • Up to 55 days’ interest-free credit when you pay the outstanding balance in full and on time each month
  • Get a limit of up to R 100 000, with the option to increase your limit after 6 months
  • Safe online shopping with 3D Secure and one-time passwords
  • Easily manage your payments with SnapScan®, MasterPass®, Internet Banking, Mobile App and Tap to Pay™
  • If you open a Prestige account it comes bundled with both a cheque and credit card. The monthly fee on the credit card is waived

Some other useful info about this credit card:

  • Free Internet, telephone and cell phone banking when you link your credit card to your Internet banking profile
  • Free MyUpdates that tell you every time money leaves or enters your account
  • Use your card to draw cash from ATMs wherever you see a MasterCard®, Maestro or Cirrus sign
  • Free and convenient automatic payment order (APO) for hassle-free account management
  • Use your credit card anywhere in the world — just remember to tell us when you are travelling
  • Free basic travel insurance when you use your credit card to buy the tickets
  • Collect UCount points each time you swipe to purchase and spend your rewards at the UCount Online Mall

What it costs

  • No transaction fees when you swipe to purchase
  • Low interest rates

What you need to apply

  • Your ID book
  • A recent payslip / proof of income
  • Proof of home address (up to 3 months old)

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