Garage Card from Standard Bank

Do you have a car?

Do you carry cash with you when you need to fill up?

Do you want to stop needing the cash when you’re at a petrol station?

Then consider getting a Standard Bank Petrol Card.

Why get a Petrol Card?

Here are my reasons for carrying a petrol card:

  • I don’t need to draw money when I fill up with petrol
  • Driving to Durban, I don’t need to hunt for money for the toll gates, and I don’t need to count my change once I’ve paid
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s extremely convenient

Why SHOULDN’T I get a Garage Card?

Here are a couple of things that irritate me about petrol cards:

  • I have to pay an extra R101 just to be able to spend my money on it
  • I have to pay R3.30 every time I put petrol in my car

So, other than those annoyances, I think a petrol card is worth it for convenience sake.

What do YOU think???

2 thoughts on “Garage Card from Standard Bank

    1. Susan Post author

      I believe you can use it for your services, and the toll gates when driving to Durban, for example.

      Possibly even for changing/buying new tyres.

      But there’s no real point if you can use your credit card for that…


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